Hi, Im Bi

A minority-within-a-minority group, bisexual people are often misunderstood and misrepresented, in everything from books to TV to movies.

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The Bisexual Flag Meaning

Some of the stigma that surrounds the bisexual community is that people thinks is just a “phase”, that they are only “confused” or simple too “slutty” to choose a gender to be attracted to.

Studies show that women are more likely to report bisexuality, and more likely to have some fluidity when self-identifying, rather than stating that they’re “100 percent homosexual” or “100 percent heterosexual.” This could reflect greater societal acceptance of bisexuality among women, or (as some scientists have argued) it could be a reflection of women’s greater erotic plasticity.

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Girl Kiss Girl

Bisexuality involves a distinct pattern of sexual interest and arousal compared to homosexuality. As some support for this idea, consider a study in which participants viewed photos of men and women while researchers surreptitiously recorded how long they spent looking at each one. The results revealed that bisexual persons spent similar amounts of time looking at photos of both sexes, whereas gays and lesbians spent far longer looking at photos of their desired sex. Likewise, other research has found that bisexual men exhibit high levels of genital and psychological arousal in response to both sexes, whereas gay men only show strong arousal in response to men.

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Famous Bisexuals

Some bisexual persons may indeed experience equally high attraction to men and women, but equal attraction should not be considered an essential or defining feature of bisexuality. Being bisexual involves a capacity for attraction to men and women, but attraction to each sex does not necessarily have to be equally strong.

Get it?

Everybody is different and instead of criticizing others, let’s all embrace everybody and celebrate bisexuality too!

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