Comfy closeted lives

Once upon a time, to live in the closet was necessary to survive, your gay ass would be on the curb, beaten, shamed, murdered and then forgotten as if that was the solution to save society from gay hell…fast forward to 2018, where being gay is easier than being straight in Saudi Arab…and its not a joke, people will start asking questions if a male/female couple is hanging out in public, the mutawwa’in, the religious authorities employed by the governments committee for the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice can stop you and asked to be shown and ID to verify that the couple are related and if they are not, they will make sure to find a proper punishment to cleanse their sins…

Mutawa’ni officers in action

Love is Love , is beautiful and should be not hidden in a closet, let’s celebrate it and spread it around, the more love you give, the more love you will receive in return!

Love is Love

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