This is Hallo-Queens

This video is a humble way of saying thank you to all the Drag Queen Performers that over the years, have worked so hard to make people smile, thanks to all of you, my life is more colourful.

In this video, performances by: Ivory Towers, Scarlett Bobo, Jackelyn Hayde,Katinka Kature,Enya Dreams,Helena Poison, Atmos Fierce,  Allysin Chaynes, Igby Lizzard, Porcelain Tiles, Xtacy Love, Skipper Meds, Jenna Syde, Beardra Bidness,Farra N Hyte, Whimsy Thrifts, Baby Bel Bel, Jada Hudson, Devine Darlin, Sofonda Cox, Juice Box, Ala Eldeen, Michelle D’ubarry, Carlotta Carlisle, Jazmine Black, Goldie Cox, Eve Summers, Champagne Enema, Face Lift, Tootsie Toots, Miss Conception, Heaven Lee Hythes, Sapphire Tiha Reign, Ryan Boa, Judy Virago and Donnarama

dancers and side kicks: Brendan Lewis, Cody Abbot, Brendan J. McGovernor, Joel Cimbal and Chelsie Erin Dowie

special thanks for the spaces that offer a stage for our local talent: Woody’s Bar Toronto, Crews and Tango, Statlers Bar, The Black Eagle Toronto, Buddies in Bad Times

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