Differences Between USA 9/11 & Mexico 9/19

I will start by saying this: trying to compare two horrible tragedies it’s not fair, specially when they have such a different root to begin with, and it might seem like its completely out of context to bring to the table what happened to the twin towers, but I feel that people who don’t have access to real-time information coming from the locals in Mexico right now,  don’t have a real picture of the magnitude and consequences that has changed the lives and future of so many people in a matter of seconds.


Plenty of terrifying videos and images have been circulating around, making you feel dizzy  by looking at the buildings swaying like a drunk palm tree, or thinking that it looks like a scene from the movies where earth is getting destroyed.


and since it has been a couple of days since the earthquake hit, its just a matter of healing wounds, paying respects for the lost souls and start repairs around the city, the worst is over,  now time to look up…..but sadly, that is not the case, the worst is still happening.

Im going to point out some of the differences between the 9/11 attack and the 9/19 earthquake, and please be assured that Im not trying to minimize the horrors that have happened in this two tragedies, but I want to paint a more clear picture of what is going in Mexico right now.


This is the most obvious difference, one was an act of hate that wS intended to harm and kill innocent people, while the other was a natural occurrence, where there is no way to predict when is going to happen, and the casualties are not intentional, an earthquake its not “evil”, we just have to accept its consequences, and move on forward. 


The damage caused by the planes in New York City, was on a specific part of the city,  and even if we add the collateral damage caused by flying debris to the adjacent buildings and businesses around the area of impact, it all happened in a neighbourhood, while the earthquake has already level down dozens of buildings in Mexico City, as well as houses, schools, churches, hospitals, historic structures not just in the city it self, but in other smaller cities across the country.

Churches, Historic Buildings collapsed


9/11 caused havoc and chaos for hours, and some of the effects where still felt the day after it happened  while 9/19 has paralyzed many cities for two days now, and some of the buildings that are standing today where weakened and damaged beyond repair, with some collapsing even today, and several more being evacuated because they will fall at any given time, schools raginig from kindergarten to universities are closed until the buildings are assessed as safe.




No need to elaborate on this


Im going to stop pointing out the differences now, there really is not comparison, and I am hoping that there is a little more understanding on the magnitude of what is happening right now, I want to pay my respects for the families and victims  from 9/11 and say that I’m sorry for what happened that sad day.

There are parts of the reality that are falling through the cracks and are not being reported by the international media, which is more focused on what is happening in the big city and have no access to the information shared mouth-to-mouth from the locals that are involved 100% in the rescue and organization at ground level, and have to rely on the information given by a government controlled media corporation. The total number of casualties reported so far is 230, but this is a very conservative number, and sadly, there will be more casualties added to this number, after 72 hours the chances to find survivors become scarce, and there is still an unknown number of people trapped in the ruins of buildings all over the different regions affected by the earthquake, and there is still a lot of small towns with even less resources that have been left with out communcation and it has been thanks to the regular citizens, volunteers that are making sandwiches in their own kitchens and driving their cars to deliver the food, medical and personal hygiene supplies to this parts of the country, my Facebook newsfeed gives me a small glance of what my friends and family are going through and how they are helping anyone that is in need, and this is not a friend-of-a-friend type of story, it is people whom I grew up with, people I know very close and that is telling the story in first person,  about what is happening to them , around them, everywhere right now.


What breaks my heart even more is the animals, the pets that are lost, injured, trapped, alone, hungry and scared, most of the efforts and resources are going towards people, as it should be, and I bow my hat to the people that are taking it upon them selves to help all the furry little ones that are struggling right now, I cannot even talk too much about this before tears roll down my face…literally.


Pet Survivors Mexico Earthquake 9/19

On top of all this, we have a corrupted government system that puts more weight to keep the budget they have for the 2018 elections campaign, than in giving more funds towards the rescue and support of the victims, and the reconstruction of houses and places to live for survivors that have lost everything. In this video, Angelica De La Pena, Senator for the PRD, explains that using part of the budget set for the electoral campaign, would bring changes to the whole structure of what it is already planned, perhaps reducing the time for the campaign, and having to change some laws to make it happen,  “there is not enough time to do this for the elections coming on 2018”- she adds.


The budget that is set for this campaign is $31,000, 000, 000 Mexican Pesos (1.74 billion USA dollars) , FONDEN (Natural Disaster Fund in Mexico) is asking for 20% of the campaign funds to help relieve the damaged caused by the earthquake, which is just about  $6,000 000 000 out of the $31, 000 MillionMP; all the political parties have refused but one. And what are the rest of the politicians saying about him? that he is trying to manipulate and use this tragedy to win sympathy form the citizens….WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PEOPLE?

The ones denying the much needed help are the ones pointing their greedy fingers to the only one who actually wants to help the people that they are supposed to serve and protect, the people they are getting ready to camping to win their votes from. Who cares if the law has to be changed? Who cares if the campaign is shorter? They just want power and it doesn’t matter if they will have to bulldoze and rebuild over the rotting corpses of people that could have been saved if there was more money for the equipment necessary to get them out.  Who cares if you have to change your campaign strategy if there is people who need a roof over their heads, shoes to cover their feet and a piece of bread to eat before bed time?


This is how the situation is today, this is what is happening right now in Mexico, this is what is not getting into the  International main stream media, what is not being reported, or translated to English, this is what stays under the table and what Mexicans have to deal everyday, with no other choice that put our heads down and just keep on moving forward. This is why I have donated as much as I can before I am left without money for food and rent.

If you want to help, please donate to the organization “Los Topos”, they are a reliable and trusted organization that really helps people in need, thats where I sent money over to help, here is the information:

Donate to Los Topos

Another way to help, not only Mexico, but the entire world that is suffering right now like the Islands destroyed by one hurricane after another, the people in India, Bangladesh, Nepal that are drowning with the biggest monsoons in recorded history, the people being murder by ignorant, racists, hateful fanatics in other parts of the world,  another way to help is by transforming all the negative energy that comes with sadness, anger, and pain, into positive energy, by appreciating the things you love, by being grateful , by being kind even to the people who aren’t kind towards us, by having empathy and understanding why people are hurt, I believe that if we all try everyday to smile more and generate more positive energy, the quality of your life and those around you will be better and happier, the more love you give, the more love you get.




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