A King In My Pocket

A lesson for 30 cents.

You go to the corner store, get your self a piece of chocolate, pay with a $10 bill and get in return $8 in coins…sigh…you can buy the same things with coins or bills, but you will feel the difference when it is time to put in your pocket the weight and bulk of 30 round pieces  of metal.

A handful of quarters, dimes and nickels, would have entertined me for a while when I had just arrived to this beautiful country 13 years ago just by looking at the details and differences of each coin. I specially liked seeing how the Queen changes as she gets older since her first apperance back in 1953 when she was 27 years old.

Today I wasn’t too excited about all this coins…until life decided to teach me a lesson about paying attention to details and as I was shoving my fist full of coins into my pocket, one of them jumped out from between my fingers, and fell flat on the floor as if saying -Well, will you look at me?- ZyanyaThePooch was already  having a good sniff at it, Im sure she was disappointed to see it wasn’t something she could eat!


But I was not disappointed, in the palm of my hand I had a Canadian Quarter from 1939, and instead of Queen Elizabeth, it was King George who was imprinted in this coin. I was very surprised since I thought that since her coronation until today, it was only the Queen who was imprinted in today’s currency , so I went home with the coin in my hand ready to do some research about this coins, as I’m sitting in front of the computer, I pulled the rest of the coins from my pocket, this time I decided to have a quick look at the rest of the loot, just like I used to do 13 years ago, and thats when I found a Canadian Nickel from 1944 with King George also imprinted on it.

This coins are not priced collectors items, and their value isn’t more than $10, but their value to me, is what I learned from them, if you slow down to look closely at the most common things in life, you might find a King in your pocket too.

King George V
A King in My Pocket

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